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Craig Kellar - Instructor


​Students explored many practical applications of math that will help them to do better on school based standardized tests, ACT tests, and SAT tests. The main focuses were geometric concepts, solving triangles using trigonometry, basic probability, and a variety of non-traditional math problems that promote higher level thinking skills. 


Lessons and Activities included: 

  • SAT practice problems

  • Rainbow Journals

  • Geometry concepts & proofs

  • Formula spectacular

  • Right triangle trigonometry & SOHCAHTOA

  • Outdoor trig activities

  • Probability: the M&M problem & others

  • Permutation & Combination Showdown

  • Higher level thought problems


Brittney Barlett - Instructor

Students learned to identify a narrative story in text, musical and video forms.  They explored basic concepts of filmography, including script, dialogue, genre and pacing. They discovered what makes a quality narrative and how to tell a story in a convincing way. They worked with editing software to understand nuances of editing and their effect on the story.  Students ended the summer by producing and showcasing a short video for presentation..  

Lessons and Activities include:

  • Reading a short story, listening to a song and watching a short video.

  • Create short skits.

  • Learn about digital citizenship and copyright laws.

  • Explore various film genres.

  • Create a narrative and script for a short video.

  • Explore the impact of music on a narrative and how to create a score.

  • Consider the effect on the audience while planning a video.

  • Learned how to use video editing software.

  • Created, filmed and edited a short video.

  • Created profiles and biographies to use as digital citizens.


Mike Lemley - Instructor

The summer science class provided students with the opportunity to investigate scientific ideas and phenomena through an inquiry based curriculum. Students selected from available learning module activities based upon their level of preparedness.

Lessons and Activities included:

Juniors - Chemistry 

  • Corrosion of iron

  • The activity series of metals

  • Which metals make the best battery

  • Electroplating with copper

  • Polyurethane foam production

  • Exothermic and endothermic reaction

  • Hess's law - Heats of reaction

  • Hand warmers and cold packs 

  • Electrical energy circuits 

  • Electrical resistance and Ohm's Law 

  • Series and parallel circuits 

  • Analysis of circuits 

Seniors - Forensics

  • Blood stains at a crime scene

  • Introduction to blood spatter analysis

  • Flinn fingerprint examination kit

  • Chemical detection of fingerprints

  • Faces software activity

  • Faces presentation project


Brent Kimble - Instructor

The purpose of this course was to allow students to identify and analyze the world of history and social sciences and how it impacts them on a daily basis.  Students were exposed to real world scenarios and debates and learned to use their analytical and social skills in order to navigate a world full of complex problems.

Lesson and Activities included:

  • What is Civics & Government?

  • What is a bill?

  • Mock UB Legislature

  • Conservatism vs. Liberalism - "Where do you fall?"

  • Issue debate project

  • Political party project & presentations

  • Electoral college


Owen Howes - Instructor

This course was designed to offer hands-on experience and increase knowledge for students to prepare for many aspects of college including: selecting a school, completing college applications, understanding financial aid, writing a scholarship essay, and taking the first steps in navigating college. After completion of the course, the students should have more knowledge and experience than their peers.

Lessons and Activities included:

  • Exploring types of post-secondary education

  • Research colleges & characteristics - scavenger hunt

  • Career assessment

  • Financial Aid Lecture & Kahoot 

  • Apply for a FSA ID, FAFSA timeline

  • Applying to at least 3 colleges

  • Organization skills

  • High school resume

  • Scholarship applications and essays

  • Timeline for seniors, differences between high school and college

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