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Summer Session 2016

Our 2016 Summer Session was fantastic! With a "Disney" theme, we hosted our rising Juniors and Seniors for five weeks on the campus of Salem International University.

​Core Classes

All students took core classes to boost their skills in Math, Science, English, History (Juniors only) and Careers (Seniors only). Core classes were Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:00pm (except Wednesdays).

Enrichment Classes

Juniors and first-year Seniors took "Enrichment" classes in the afternoon, including Theatre, Psychology, Pre-Med (M/W/F) and Guitar, Art, and Fitness (T/Th).

Job Shadowing

Second-year Seniors had the opportunity each afternoon to earn money doing job shadowing with local businesses. Students learned about careers in physical therapy, veterinary science, business, information technology, cosmetology, education, nursing, among others.

Career Activities

Seniors spent Wednesday mornings learning about different careers by visiting local businesses and hearing from guest speakers.

--Students toured Radio Park in Clarksburg and got to experience the ins and outs of radio. Some of our students even got to give a shout-out on Magic 106.5, and our History teacher was interviewed about our program on the Mike Queen show on WAJR!

--Admissions staff from a variety of colleges came and spoke to our students about postsecondary options and what their institutions have to offer.

--In our "Mad City Money" activity, our students took on the role of an adult and were given jobs, income, a family, and debt. The challenge? Visit merchants to select housing, transportation, food, household necessities, clothing, day care, and other wants and needs while building a budget. The credit union had an office in town, too. They made mistakes - and suffered the consequences of their decisions -- in a realistic, but safe, environment. Once the shock wore off, they reevaluated choices and managed their money effectively. Presented by Fairmont Federal Credit Union

--Students went to the WVU Statler College of Engineering where they learned about engineering careers and did some hands-on activities, including "toxic beans" and an egg drop competition!

--Students experienced some very informative presentations and tours from several departments within United Hospital Center. We got to hear from the Nursing Recruiter and tour the Obstetrics unit of the hospital. We heard from the director of IT who took us back into the server room and IT department, as well as other areas at the heart of UHC operations. We also got to hear from an Occupational Therapist and took a tour of the new United Orthopaedic and Spine Center.

Life Skills Curriculum

Juniors spent Wednesday mornings working through the "Making Proud Choices" curriculum with a volunteer from the WV Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. ​

​Most evenings, all students spent time working through the fun, interactive "Too Good" curriculum, focusing on drug and violence prevention.

Evening activities

Evenings were packed full of fun, engaging activities, guest speakers and field trips including a talent show, a ropes course, swimming, movies, a dance, group olympics, and more.

Summer trip

Our sixth week consisted of an educational and cultural trip to Wheeling, WV and Pittsburgh, PA. Students got to tour two colleges, learn about the history of our state's capitol, visit the Nationality Classrooms at Pitt's Cathedral of Learning, spend a fun-filled day at Kennywood amusement park, and do some hands-on exploring at Carnegie Science Center!


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