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TRIO Awareness

TRIO week 2018 photo winner, Robert C. Byrd Upward Bound

As a special project for TRIO week 2018, students at each of our target high schools produced a short video or photo for social media that was intended to highlight and educate people about Upward Bound and TRIO programs. The student videos competed on our Facebook page for "Likes" and "Shares" and staff ratings.

The results are in! This year's video winner is Liberty High, and photo winner is Robert C. Byrd High! Visit our Facebook page or our homepage to check out our students' hard work and creativity, and learn a little about TRIO and Upward Bound! w

ALL of the photos and videos were OUTSTANDING and we're so proud of all of our students for their hard work and creativity! But most importantly, we spread the word about TRIO and Upward Bound, with our videos receiving 200 likes, 200 shares and nearly 5,000 views!

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