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Unfortunately for this week's review, we only have three days due to the fourth of July holiday, but hey, who doesn't like a long weekend?

Day 1: Today, in the morning classes, we got a sweet deal in Math, organizing M&Ms by color, then devouring them (if we wanted to).   English? We got to see the newest addition to the English teacher's family, a beautiful Great Dane puppy! In the afternoon, the Pre-med students dissected pig fetuses that were donated to us, unnerving, yet intriguing.  As for the Theatre class, we made glorified pamphlets for their group and play!

The evening activity was the best part of Monday as we had gone to Doddridge County Park to swim in the pool and play in the park; not only that but also had a groovy time at the bonfire with roasting hotdogs and making smores, Yum! It was a spectacular night that ended with singing, new friends, and new memories.

Day 2: Do you like playing around with simulated blood? Well, we science kids do! We dripped and splattered “blood” all over the place (and cleaned it up afterwards), and as for Careers class, we applied to colleges! In Art, we made beautiful sculptures and oil paintings, and even made colorful glass vases! Spanish class was coloring in sugar skulls and watching amusing videos in Spanish!

As for the evening activity, we had... A dance! We were escorted to a room full of glowsticks, balloons, sparkly decorations, a replica of Big Ben, and a miniature hot air balloon! We danced until we couldn’t anymore as we were some finely tuned dancing machines and stuffed our faces with cake and pizza.

Day 3

Ah, the day that we go home! The seniors went to Salem's correctional facility to learn about what they do there, what they use, how they handle different situations, and getting to see various equipment and weaponry.  We additionally went to Salem University's crime house to solve a gruesome simulated murder scene. The juniors, however had the pleasure of staying back and practicing their test skills in Comfit and being educated on forming more positive relationships. In the afternoon, the seniors went to job shadowing, while the juniors went to their afternoon classes that included: Psychology, Theatre, and Premed. In Psychology the juniors learned about conditioning, in Theatre, we learned about how to do improv acting, and Premed? Dissecting and looking at the organs of a pig again, because who doesn’t want to do that?

We here at UB Media are sad to say that next week is the final week of the UB summer session, so stayed tuned for the final week of the 2019 UB MEDIA REVIEW!

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