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Fun at the December Saturday Session

While our Saturday Sessions are always (hopefully!) educational and fun, we had a little extra fun during our session in December for a couple of reasons...

First, we invited our summer staff and a few alumni back to speak with our seniors about college life. They shared their words of wisdom and real-life college experiences, and our seniors were able to ask questions and learn first-hand some of the joys and challenges that they will be facing in a few months. Besides being a wealth of knowledge, the SA's and alumni are friends and mentors to our students, and it's like a family reunion when we're all back together!

And second, the students were in for a treat - literally - when they discovered that they would be competing in a "Gingeneering" competition! Students were split randomly into teams where they were given supplies and instructions to build the BEST gingerbread structure. Our SA's and alumni served as judges as the teams used graham crackers, icing and candy to construct a winning entry. It was hard. It was messy. It was silly. It was fun. It was DELICIOUS!

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