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Summer Session 2019

Our 2019 Summer Session was fantastic! With our theme "Road Trip to College" we hosted our rising Juniors and Seniors for five weeks on the campus of Salem University. ​

Core Classes

​All students took core classes to boost their skills in Math, Science, English, History (Juniors only) and Careers (Seniors only). Core classes were Monday

through Friday from 8:30am to 12:00pm (except Wednesdays).

Enrichment Classes

Juniors and first-year Seniors took "Enrichment" classes in the afternoon, including Theatre, Psychology, Pre-Med (M/W/F) and Spanish, Art, and Fitness (T/Th).

Job Shadowing

Second-year Seniors had the opportunity each afternoon to earn money doing job shadowing with local businesses. Students learned about careers in physical therapy, veterinary science, business, information technology, education, nursing, among others.

Career Activities

Seniors spent Wednesday mornings learning about careers in different fields by visiting local businesses and hearing from guest speakers.

--Thanks to a partnership with Dr. Javaid Syed of Salem University and The Thrasher Group, students were able to explore the STEM field with a focus on drone technology. Students learned about the physics and technology involved in drones as well as their applications, got to check out some high-tech drones and even fly some of them. They also got to tour Thrasher headquarters and hear about career opportunities.

--Students toured Salem Correctional Center and learned about careers in corrections. Then they put their investigative skills to work at Salem University's crime scene house, where Dr. Lounsbury talked with them about careers in the criminal justice field.

--Students experienced some informative presentations and tours from several departments within United Hospital Center. We heard from the Nursing Recruiter and toured the Obstetrics unit of the hospital.  We also learned about Physical/Occupational Therapy and took a tour of United Rehab center.  We learned all about UHC's School of Radiology and checked out the tools and equipment used in diagnostics. Finally, students learned about IT careers in healthcare and got to peek behind the scenes at the server room.

Life Skills & Test Prep

Juniors spent Wednesday mornings working through the "Relationship Smarts Plus 3.0" curriculum, which addresses positive youth development, life skills, healthy relationships, dating violence, and pregnancy prevention. It focuses on building assets and strengthens protective factors. It appeals to teenagers’ aspirations, rather than merely emphasizing what they must avoid. It empowers youth with skills needed to form and maintain healthy relationships, make wise sexual choices, and work toward their goals.  This curriculum was taught by Carrie Linn, a volunteer instructor withHope, Inc. ​

In the evenings, all students learned about basic life skills covering the following areas:

  • Financial Literacy

  • Community & Citizenship

  • Household Management

  • Personal Care

  • Careers & Employment

In the evenings, all students participated in SAT Bootcamp taught virtually by Jared Friedland, founder and CEO of CatalystPrep .

Evening activities

Evenings were packed full of fun, engaging activities, guest speakers and field trips including a talent show, bonfires, swimming, movies, a dance, shopping, group olympics, and more.

Summer trip

Our sixth week consisted of an educational and cultural trip to Washington DC. Students attended a play at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, explored the National Mall and various museums and monuments, and spent the day at the National Zoo.


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