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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

DAY 1. So today was unnoteworthy until the evening was upon us. That is when it gets interesting my readers(or viewers, because you know, we get views). Our story begins with rain.

“Drip drop drip drippling”, said the rain

“Outside activities are canceled today,”

“Drip drop drip drippling.”

The UB Olympics tryouts day one had begun: basketball, volleyball, chess and taboo, nukem, tennis, and trivia too. (nukem comes later). People practiced their chosen sport to prepare for a special competition where all the Upward Bounds from around the state gather together to battle in a variety of athletic and mental events. The night wrapped up with some wraps for a snack, and thus Monday drew to a close.

DAY 2. Day 2 was also quite uneventful until the evening had come. At 6:30, we leapt into the van and headed into the new beyond that is the movie theatre. After splitting off into groups, we watched a movie of our choice, which included: MIB International, Godzilla, Aladdin, Secret Life of Pets 2, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Our original plan was to go to Wave Tek- unfortunately that got rained out(it has been rescheduled for later).

DAY 3. Wednesday, the busiest day this week. Seniors and juniors were separated; juniors going to Fairmont State University for a tour as the seniors headed to Thrasher Group Inc. after eating a hearty breakfast of eggs and pancakes.

At Thrasher, we were hosted by various members, complete with Dunkin Donuts, freshly cooked bagels, and soda. We learned about a plethora of drone technology applications, were scanned by a LiDAR scanner like some kind of futuristic mechanism, and gained useful tips for interviewing and resume building. Afterwards, we rode back to campus and resumed flying and building our robotic drones.

The Juniors went off to Fairmont State University, and were given a tour of the facilities. According to insider reports, the tour went well and the food was pretty spectacular. That evening, we resumed Olympic preparations, but not without a slight diversion; NUKEM!

Nukem is volleyball, but you can catch the ball and if you don’t you are out(it's much more complex than that). All of the SA groups participated in a tournament to decide who was the ultimate SA group. The winners, once again the Taquitos, are to receive their second door tag in the coming days.

Day 4. Today, us seniors had math and english for the morning classes. In english, we plotted and schemed what our english class video(s) would be about, we worked alone, or in groups, coming up with outlandishly hilarious videos, informative “advertisements”, and almost anything our creative and young minds could come up with (within reason of course). In math class, we went through and diligently practiced SAT questions, studying them and solving them with the help of our spectacular math teacher.

In the evening, we hurriedly rushed to the dorms, needing to get ready to do volunteer work at Fort New Salem, we rushed in, being cheered on by the SAs to quickly grab our things, and as we gathered outside to go to Fort New Salem, alas! The SAs pranked us into thinking that we would be going to the fort in the mucky weather!

We had a good laugh at the prank, and went back inside for some extra free time, meeting back in the lobby later that evening to go to the Tiger’s Den, CHS, and gym to play some hilarious rounds of the game Werewolf, hang out, do sporty things, and watch the thrilling movie of "Jumanji". The night went wonderfully, topping it off with our delicious evening snack: brownies and milk!

Day 5. Ah, Friday! The best day of the week! Today in Careers, we played a game of kahoot, challenging our knowledge of all things college related! In science, we studied fingerprints, even taking washable ink and looking at our own! Not much happened today, but that doesn’t make it boring! Check back next Friday to read the next edition of UB MEDIA REVIEW!

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