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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Here at the UB Media Studios, it is our job to relay the facts and events going on during the Upward Bound Summer Session. For the next six weeks, prepare to be regaled with tales of comedy, heartbreak, and learning (they are all one in the same, after all). Without further hesitation, let's get right into the news.

Day One: moving in fun! Learning about the struggle that is moving into college is an interesting experience to say the least. Soon after, the heartbreak that comes with realizing you will have to leave each and every friend you make here in six weeks for a long duration of time sets in, and you immediately begin to suffer an existential crisis. Ah, who are we kidding, that doesn’t set it in until at least the third week. But what exactly went on this “first day”?

After a hearty supper, we went out to the parking lot and participated in a game of learning: about our SAs, about our SC, and about our Director’s vast knowledge. During this game, we learned that Owen owns a pair of Trump’s shoes, Gabe ziplined over a float of alligators, and Anthony can play a violin underwater.

After this deluge of facts, we headed to the dorms to finally unpack and set up our individual rooms. Once we finished with that, we headed to bed, and thus the first day was over.

DAY 2. Waking up was an ordeal, but one that was worthwhile. Many of us ambled down to the cafeteria at 7:30, the earliest we can begin the brief walk down to the RCC. The food was great, and then we leapt into our first classes. Whether science, math, careers, English or history, students received their first two doses of bona fide college education.

A piece of shaving cream art made by the art students on Tuesday.

After lunch, we moved to our first true separation. Half of us went to enrichment classes (such as art, theatre, pre-med, Spanish and psychology) while the others went to their various job placements (@us). And that officially began the working life of the two members of UB Media!

That evening, we began to do team building exercises after splitting off into different groups (mostly different forms of Jenga) ran by Renee Verbanic (she also did an interesting rubber band game). We concluded the evening’s activities by sharing our individual group chants, and a few of them ended up eliciting some laughs.

DAY 3. Day three went by relatively quickly. We did our second set of classes in the morning, and then we once again split off for our jobs. The evening brought a massive amount of fun. Karaoke, gym time, and generally hanging out. That night ended with a bang with a series of comedic performances by various campers, followed by a nutritious snack of carbs, dairy, vegetables, and some proteins.


DAY 4. SENIORS WORK WITH DRONES, while first years do testing and relationship stuff( like how to interact with other people). We had Dr. Syed here to teach us about the physics and importance of drones, we even got to make some ourselves(more about that in our next update). That evening, we headed to splash zone and had some watery fun!

DAY 5. Around Thursday is when things started to really fall into place. Us students were used to our classes, and our SAs (especially the two newest ones) had fallen into their positions.But just when things couldn’t get any more interesting, the SA OLYMPICS occurred. Flour was flung, shirts were put on, chocolate was eaten, charades were played, crackers were sprayed, the ping was ponged, paper traveled across the campus, and quite literally, stars were made. WHO WILL WIN? Find out next time on UB MEDIA REVIEW - wait, this is only day 5, we still have another to go.


DAY 6. We don’t wanna bore you with details about classes or work or scientific experimentation(although that is our primary goal). Instead, we would like to say that we are already sad that we must go home and we wish there was some way to stay during the weekend. Thank you for reading the blog, and FIND OUT NEXT TIME WHO WINS THE SA OLYMPICS, AS WELL AS HOW DAY TWO OF DRONE CLASS GOES(will we blow something up?).

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