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Updated: Jul 11, 2019


When one reads this blog, one knows these truths to be self-evident; this blog is good, everyone who reads it, and the writers are two hilarious individuals who are the funniest people you know. With that Declaration of Truth out of the way, prepare yourselves for a wild ride as we take you on a trip down college lane, down olympics avenue, ‘round skating boulevard, and then back round olympics avenue straight to talent show tryouts street.

But, one cannot leave without a vehicle; let us pause to construct the vessel we will utilize for the duration of this blog post. Picture an SUV with tinted windows and bright green fluorescent lights; that is our vessel.

Monday was very uneventful, excluding the thrilling guest speaker of the evening. Me oh my, that speaker was grand. I will never forget when the co-writer of this blog turned to me and said, “Wow, what an incredible speaker”. I couldn’t agree more. What words other than those could describe the paramount importance of the speaker (of course, all humans are of the highest importance). Dennis McNaboe.

Who is this man? Number one, he is the director of student life on the Salem University campus. Number two, he is a guest speaker specializing in the instruction and application of the True Colors test-you may have another question now. I can hear you screaming it at your monitor.

“WHAT IS TRUE COLORS?” True Colors is a personality test designed to show you that everyone is a blend of four colors, but that for the most part, different people are more one color than another. Knowing your color helps you better understand your flaws, strengths, and relationship opportunities, and knowing others True Color will help you better communicate with those around you.

Day 2 was also uneventful until the eve-when we had a visit by someone from many miles away. A representative of Berea College gave us a full presentation of the college’s special traits - no tuition; everyone who attends, works for the college, and studying abroad is significantly cheaper than other places.

After learning about this very interesting college, we headed out for more Olympic practice time to prepare for the big day….


Hello, I am your host, Olympic McOlympic, and I’m here to give you the Olympic rundown on the Olympic events of the Upward Bound Olympics (try saying that five times fast). They began with a BANG .

And ended with the congratulatory cheers of the winning team(no spoilers!).

As the resident Olympic reporter, I sat amongst the Salem UB at West Virginia State University; some of the other UB programs had memberships upwards of 100+, and had chants powerful in their volume and their choreography. It sounded as if a tiny army had marched into the opening ceremony to declare their unstoppable power.

After a few moving speeches that likely rivaled the most gut-wrenching, heart-stabbing word salads of the past, we moved outside for a picture before splitting off into our respective events. Within the hour, the heat was already beating down upon us- things were not looking good healthwise.

Some students from all the UB programs participated in a special, non-competitive game called “archery-dodgeball”(it was ran by the ROTC program at WVSU). It was essentially a Nerf war, but instead of guns you used very well crafted bows and foam arrows. The objective of the game was to eliminate the opposing team. It looked incredibly fun, but I, Olympic McOlympic, have no time to have “fun”, for I must report the facts-the stone cold, warm, juicy facts.

After lunch, which was done in a buffet style, we separated once more for the events of the afternoon- the sun’s anger seemed to be more apparent, as one immediately began sweating the moment they left an air conditioned building. Events were crazy. Scandals presented themselves in the form of pie-shaped lies, and every human in attendance could bond over the taste of ice cream.

Before I discuss the finale, I must first reveal placements for all events. Prepare yourselves for a massive list. And I mean massive. Gargantuan. Large.

Academic Bowl- 3rd Place, Morgan Goodman, Hannah Adkins, Jonathan Williams, Mya Ramos

Tennis Singles(Female)- 3rd Place, Izabella Johnson

Tennis Singles(Male)- 3rd Place, Isaiah Guess

Tennis Doubles- 2nd Place, Izabella Johnson and Katie Wass

Tennis Mixed Doubles- 4th Place, Katie Wass and Isaiah Guess

Ultimate Frisbee- 3rd Place, Kim McNemar, Mya Ramos, Christina Lanham, Katlynn Queen, Kasey Currence, Kayla McGary

Potato Race- 5th Place, Dylan Bailey, Katlynn Queen, Leah Pyles, Kaitlyn Marple

Cheerleading- 5th Place, Holidae Ware, Destiny Cochran, Hannah Adkins, Faith Hendershot, Katlynn Queen, Kayla McGary

Taboo- 2nd Place, Anastasia Hagerman, Nichola Dominguez, Darrien Doinguez, Gavin Burner, Adesa Velazquez

Art/Poster Competition- 2nd Place, Jade Wease, Christina Lanham, Nichola Dominguez, Darrien Dominguez

100m(Male)- 3rd Place, Zach Allen

100m(Female)- 4th Place, Natalie James

200m(Male)- 2nd Place, Zack Barcus

200m(Female)- 1st Place, Faye Carroll

300m(Female)- 2nd Place, Casey Stedman

3x100(Male)- 1st Place, Zack Allen, Zach Barcus, Dakota Smith

3x100(Female)- 2nd Place, Casey Stedman, Faye Carroll, Natalie James

And for the event that was so disruptive it tore apart one of our students, and threw many of our hearts into a void from which they shall never return….

Of course I am talking about the pie eating competition, where Ruth Rucker got 2nd place fairly, but the entire event was thrown out because someone else may have started too early. It was a sad time, hearing those words come forth from the announcers mouth-I can picture it like it was two days ago(which it was). All in all, we managed to snag third place overall, which isn’t too bad.

This has been Olympic McOlympic, and I’m out. Catch ya later, readergators.

Thursday was a long day, a day filled with recovery from the hardships of the day before. We concluded it by skating our problems away at the Pennsboro Roller Rink, an ancient relic of the past. Friday came and went without much fanfare, and thus the week came to a close.

Join us next week on UB MEDIA WEEK REVIEW as we have a short but sweet and intensely packed week. You won’t wanna miss it!

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