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UB Summer 2023 [Week Review #1]

🍄Hello! Welcome to the UB summer ‘23 blog! This blog is a passion project that the UB media team does each year. This year, this blog is created by Skyker McGary and Addison Thomas, and photos by Clara Scott. We are so excited to share with those who read this our exciting adventures through the mushroom kingdom. Here we take college prep classes as well as enrichment classes and activities to put the fun into work. We here at Upward Bound do a theme each summer; this year's theme is "Let's-A-Go-To-College!" So hop down the warp pipe and let’s-a-go! 🍄

DAY 1: Move-In Day! The first thing that happened on Move-In day is the room assessment to check for damages. At this time we also get out keys and IDs so our rooms can get locked. I lot of people locked themselves out of the room, oops! After some unpacking and getting acquainted with our roommates, we got dinner at the RCC. The food here is sooooooo good. Shout out to the cooks for real. With our bellies full we went out to the parking lot to play trivia games with the staff. We learned that Oran “Spoons”🥄 ate dirt as a kid and that Tiffany’s house was broken into 2 times! Mama mia! Finally, we got to finish up the unpacking and hit the hay for the night.

DAY 2: We got up bright and early to load up ourselves with breakfast. Again shoutout to the cooks once again cause the food is MMMMMMMYES. Just yes, it's just a big ol yes. Around 8:30 we got to go to our teachers and meet some of them today. All of the teachers here have a fun way of teaching in our opinion.

In the afternoon we

participated in the Summer Assistants’ Olympics in which we would compete against each other in groups with different activities such as picking up m&m using a straw and building towers out of marshmallows and noodles! Brody’s SA group won in the end (Gage Gabriel Bender pictured below winning the cookie contest- photo by Tiffany)

DAY 3: On the second day we got to meet our second set of teachers and start adjusting to our schedules fully. In the evening we got to see a presentation from "Real Colors" TO find out how we act and process the world around us. We did a survey to see what out of the four colors we are and then did activities based on that. It was kinda cool to see who was what.

DAY 4: On Wednesday our schedule was quite different from usual. After breakfast, the Rising Sophomores and Juniors did Comfit and Making Proud Choices. Imagine it like a health class that teaches you ways to make safe, smart decisions. The Seniors, on the other hand, went to the United Hospital Center to learn about Radiology and Ultrasounds! They got to play a game where we learned about different bones and different types of fractures. The X-ray images were very cool to look at and the yogurt was good too. In the afternoon we got ready to go to the Splash Zone, which would be fun if it didn’t feel like it was 20 degrees outside. The lifeguards had blankets and hoodies! You never see that like ever.

DAY 5: Thursday we went to classes like normal but during the evening we started to train for the UB Olympics. The UB Olympics is an event where multiple UB groups come together and compete to place! Some of the events are Tug-of-war, Laser Tag, UB Idol, Basketball, etc.

DAY 6: The last day of the week! Everyone will be getting ready to leave for the weekend. The first week overall was pretty fine, and the students seem to be getting used to the dorm life just as well. Also, as a side note, today was Editor Sky's birthdaaaaaay. Whoop whoop! All of us can't wait to see what next week has for us.

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